A Short Trip To The Store

Tom and Jenny were heading to the store. It was late, but they had run out of wine and were in the mood for more. They made in-jokes as they walked along and once Jenny had to stop because she was laughing so hard. They were the only ones on the sidewalk, which was rare as they lived in a very active neighborhood, but they thought nothing of it. At the end of the block something came around the corner and quickly entered the door to the supermarket. Tom stopped and pulled Jenny back.
“You saw it!” she said.
“What was it?”
“I don’t know. Let’s find out.” Jenny smiled big and her eyes were full of adventure. Tom looked a little frightened.
“I… I think it was, or it looked like a werewolf.”
“That’s what I thought too!” she exclaimed with a kind of joy that can only come from having a secret revelation confirmed. She tried to walk on but Tom held his ground.
“Why would you want to keep going knowing that we just saw a werewolf? That’s crazy. Think of every bad horror movie we’ve seen, this is where we start making fun of the people for getting themselves into theses situations. We should go home.”
“What? No. No. We are probably mistaken in what we saw. I bet it was just a mask.”
“How do you explain the hands? And the way the ears seemed to twitch?”
“A good mask?”
“Are you kidding me?”
“Come on, come on, it will be fun. It will be a microventure for the Mystery Team!” she flashed a flirty smile and Tom was willing to do anything for her. I see how they get into these situations he thought.
“Well, it would be the first big adventure for the Mystery Team. We have been drinking wine so perhaps my senses have dulled enough to make that costume look so real in the dark.”
“See, see it will be fun I bet in the bright lights of the store it will be a silly cheap plastic mask and we’ll both laugh. Now let’s GO’s solve a mystery, Mystery Team! Wwooooo!” she threw up their hands.
Tom smiled and looked down the sidewalk to the entrance. There wasn’t even a homeless person their asking for change. He quickly looked up and down the street their were no people in sight. He though about it and recalled he hadn’t even seen a single car go by.
“Wait.” he said pulling Jenny back toward him. “Why is there no one out? Where is everybody?”
“I don’t know maybe it’s late.”
“It’s barely after 10pm there should be plenty of people.”
“Oh come on, I bet there are plenty of people in the store. If we don’t go we might never solve this mystery! What if it exits on the other side? We’ll never find out what it was.”
“They close the other entrance after 7pm this is the only way in or out.”
“So you’re not going to check it out?” her tone was nearing frustration and he worried this might lead to an argument. The night had gone so well he didn’t want to see it end badly. Besides it was probably the wine werewolves don’t exist, but angry girlfriends do and they can be down right terrifying.
Tom smiled with his mind made up. He knew Jenny well and she knew him better. He let go of her hand. She was already looking mischievous. Her body leaned slowly into a running stance.
“How about we go in after the next person goes in or out?”
She nodded and leaned back in to him to give him a kiss. She looked down.
“Your shoes untied.”
Tom looked down they weren’t. Jenny was already halfway to the door with a big grin when she yelled, “The next persons going in!”
“Hey wait!” Tom yelled with a smile as Jenny disappeared into the store. Tom sprinted after her.

Tom and Jenny were never seen again. Somethings are worse than an upset girlfriend.


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