Troll Tooth

Troll Tooth is a fantasy novel that I am currently working on. The nano draft was completed during 2014’s NaNoWriMo competition. The previous year (2013) I wrote Remainders (currently my screenplay WIP) and thought I had learnt a good lesson about outlining and preparing for NaNoWriMo. Turns out I didn’t learn it well enough. Once again my preparation fell short of what was needed. The nano draft –all 99,449 words thank you very much– was finished by the November deadline. Now it needs some serious work in the world building department, and all other departments. So what better way to do that than by having all my QicFic take place in the Troll Tooth world!

This page will serve as a resting place for those stories. It is also open to other world building content. I’m talking full on short-stories and maybe some maps. Who doesn’t love a good fantasy map?

Oh, here’s the synopsis of Troll Tooth:

Avi was born with a full set of natal teeth and hasn’t lost a single one in ten years. She has lost friends to ruthless bullies. After the first time she vows never again. But schools don’t like a bully fighter and she’s expelled.

Her family moves to Brewster Island for a fresh start, and she makes a new best friend, the soft-spoken and soft-hearted Nina.

Everything is awesome and she even loses her first tooth! But the next morning a brand new tooth is in its place. When she pulls out the new tooth it grows into an enameled Troll the looks just like her.

Avi, Nina and the Troll are pulled into a fantasy land, where Avi must learn it’s not always clobbering time, and Nina will find her voice and make a stand.


Dalila’s Journey: A Story of the Ndegi


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